Pool Party Options

Party Room Rental (without pool per hour)                                    $20.00                                 

25 people ($2.00 each per person)    Includes Party Room          $50.00

50 people ($2.00 each per person)    Includes Party Room          $100.00

Private Party Pool Closed (Additional Fee)                                     $20.00   


~ Current Membership holders will get an additional 10% off final cost.


* All Parties should be scheduled during open swim hours unless approved my manager.

* All parties are a maximum of 2 hours if your party is during open swim hours your party

   is welcome to stay for open swim as long as the Party Room is cleaned up and cleared out

   within the 2 hours you reserved it for.

* The Pool Closes at 8 PM. So if you have a party 6-8 PM you will be asked to be out of the pool by

   7:45 PM so that the building can be closed up by 8 PM. Evening parties are welcome to come in and set up at 5:45 PM.

   Though you may not begin swimming until 6 PM.

**It is very important that you do not go over the amount of people or the time that you have booked for your party.

   Lifeguards are scheduled accordingly. If there is a change in the amount of people you must let manager know before the party date.




Name: ______________________________ Party is being held for _____________


Address: ____________________________________________________________


Contact Numbers: _________________________


Party Date: ______________ Time: ______________ # of People Expected: ______


(Circle) Tables:  YES      NO


Party had been paid for by      Cash_____________ Check #______________


Amount Paid $ ____­­­­­­___._______


Payment for all parties is required before party begins.

No Refunds will be made if party fails to show or does not cancel 3 days prior to date scheduled.

Refunds are for cancellations only when brought to attention of Managers. Not Lifeguards!